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ABC Security Solutions is one of the leading New York City security companies when it comes to custom design and installation of state-of-the-art Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV systems).  The general expression “when the cat’s away, the mice will play” also applies to your home and business. Even when you are not available, ABC Security Solutions offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on what’s going on from wherever you are.

CCTV Security Systems

For complete and quality guaranteed surveillance for your home and/or commercial building, we provide you with a wide variety of CCTV systems from reputable and reliable security companies and have our very experienced team install them for you in the perfect spot for optimum view and performance.  The CCTV systems that we sell and install are:

Ultra HD CCTV System – This system is perfect if you are looking for an affordable but yet effective security system that gives your home or business building that desired security.

IP CCTV System – If higher definition video quality is what you desire for your home or office, then this system should seize attention. These systems offer advanced video resolution and higher performance.

Our Intercom Services

Do you need a professional intercom system, or maybe you desire to have an old one replaced? We can provide you with top-notch intercom systems and have our highly skilled and certified experts install them for you.

No matter what kind you need, whether phone-based, IP-based, or a video intercom system, we have what it takes to provide and install the very best that will meet your needs.

Do you have issues with wiring?

You don’t have to replace any wiring. Our simple and cost effective wireless intercom systems can provide you with all the benefits of a high-tech intercom system. Our wireless intercom systems range from simple systems all the way to color video intercoms.

At ABC Security Solutions, we are more concerned about the safety of your home and business. For this reason, we are always ready to provide you with advanced security and surveillance systems that will make it possible for you to monitor your property and business, whenever, wherever.

Our Access Control Systems

For total control over all your security systems, it is recommended to integrate a state-of-the-art access control system. Our access control system will add more sophistication to your security and convenience by giving you more control over your security systems using access cards, keypads, biometrics, and face recognition.

Depending on the layout of your specific needs, the layout of your premises, and your budget, our experienced security expert will help you create and install the following access control systems.

  • Access Card Control Systems
  • Keypad Access Control Systems
  • Biometric Access Control Systems
  • Other Sophisticated Access Control System Like Face Recognition

Our 24/7 Locksmith Services

To ensure complete security of your building, office, and/or home, you need a high-quality lock system. With our professional locksmith services, we can provide you with a high-quality lock that ensures full tamper resistant protection, unprecedented key duplication control, and a warranty on mechanical operation and finishes.

Our lock systems have met the need for complete security of many customers. In line with the constant technological development of lock systems, our highly experienced security team can create and install a custom designed lock and entry system that meets all your needs, whether commercial or residential.

Our Magnetic/Electronic Lock Systems

As the need for more sophisticated lock systems for better security continues to rise, there is a need for you to employ more advanced lock systems for overall security of your residential or commercial building. Locks that protect you and your workers in times of emergency.

At ABC Security solutions, we proudly provide and install high-quality Electromagnetic lock systems that take the lock systems in your home or office to the next level. Whether it is a fail-safe or fail-secure electromagnetic lock system you need, we have what it takes to get it designed and installed for you.

Repair Services for Our Systems.

Whether it is a CCTV SYSTEM, or an Intercom System, or an Access Control System, or a Locksmith Services, or even an Electromagnetic Lock System, our team of highly experienced security experts is always available to help you repair any damages that may occur. Beginning from very old analog security systems to the latest and most sophisticated digital systems, we have what it takes to get them fixed and functioning as new.

What about Emergencies? 24/7 365 Emergency Services…

No matter when you notice a malfunction in any of your security systems, we will be overjoyed to be at your service as soon as possible and fix your problem.

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For complete and quality guaranteed surveillance for your home and/or commercial building, we provide you with a wide variety of CCTV systems from reputable and reliable security companies. Brand Names ABC Security Solutions Utilizes: Access Control: HID, Bosch, Honeywell, Enforcer.  CCTV: Hikvision, Invid Tech, Samsung.   Intercoms / Video Intercom: Leedan, Aiphone, Comelit.  Locks: Multilock, Medeco, Kwikset, Yale.

Ultra HD CCTV System – This system is perfect if you are looking for an affordable but yet effective security system that gives your home or business building that desired security.

IP CCTV Systems – If higher definition video quality is what you desire for your home or office, then this system should seize attention. These systems offer advanced video resolution and higher performance.

Professional Security Services
About ABC Security Solutions

ABC Security Solutions is a leading provider of high standard security solutions customized for today’s homes, businesses, and private sectors. Our services include sales and installation of advanced and sophisticated CCTV Security Systems, Intercom Systems, Access Control Systems, Locksmith Services, Electromagnetic Lock Systems, and general Repair Services of practically every kind of security system, whether ancient analog or modern and sophisticated digital systems.

ABC Security Solutions is the final solution center for all your security needs; our mission is to provide the very best security and other surveillance related answers customized to satisfy the unique requirements of each unique commercial and/or residential clients. Whether you need security systems for your home, office, or business, we have the very latest and advanced security technology to meet your every need and bring you satisfaction.

Our highly experienced and well-trained security experts know that client’s happiness is the basic foundation for a successful business and hence, always do their very best with installation and repairs of security and surveillance systems without compromising on the quality of work and service.

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ABC Security Solutions
We are your dependable provider of security and surveillance systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our top-notch systems are services include:
CCTV Security Systems
Intercom Systems
Access Control Systems
Locksmith Services
Electromagnetic Lock Systems
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Security FAQ’s

The picture is mixed. While proponents of CCTV are inclined to describe opposition to the technology as marginal, the reality is much less conclusive. In one survey commissioned by the UK Home Office a large proportion of respondents expressed concern about several key aspects of visual surveillance.

The extent of concern was highlighted by the outcome that more than fifty per cent of people felt neither government nor private security firms should be allowed to make decisions to allow the installation of CCTV in public places. 72% agreed “these cameras could easily be abused and used by the wrong people”. 39% felt that people who are in control of these systems cold not be “completely trusted to use them only for the public good”. 37% felt that “in the future, cameras will be used by the government to control people”. While this response could be interpreted a number of ways, it goes to the heart of the privacy and civil rights dilemma. More than one respondent in ten believed that CCTV cameras should be banned.

Another interesting conclusion of the Home Office survey was that 36 per cent of respondents did not agree with the proposition “the more of these cameras we have, the better”. Contrast this with the view of Leslie Sharp, chief constable for the Scotland’s Strathclyde Police Department. Referring to his forces mania for CCTV he told ABC news’ 20/20 program: “We will gradually drive the criminal further and further away, and eventually I hope to drive them into the sea”.

The most crucial element of the Home Office survey was the conclusion that the public were less inclined to unconditionally support CCTV once issues were raised and discussed within groups.

Hardware Compression: Both Capturing Video Signal and Compressing Video Signal are done by DSP chipset integrated on DVR Board. It doesn’t need the computer’s CPU to do this work. It’s low cost of CPU and RAM resources. In this system the computer CPU’s task focus on answering network request, streaming the video/audio to network and saving recorded data to local hard disk.

Software Compression: The DVR Board only capture video signal but doesn’t compress it, it is the computer CPU and RAM to do this compression work. It’s high cost of CPU and RAM resources. In this system the computer CPU and RAM are often overloaded. It is easier to crash than hardware compression system.

This in general is a comparatively difficult decision. Many aspects of the installation must be taken into consideration in order to obtain the correct performance that meets your requirements.


A high-resolution camera should be considered where greater detail of scene is required. E.g. Color 460 TVL, Monochrome 570 TVL. Choosing a more sensitive camera will improve reproduction in poorly lit areas. The sensitivity of a camera is indicated by the minimum amount of light in order for the camera to produce a usable picture. e.g. Color 1.0 Lux at F1.2.


A conventional camera produces a pale backdrop when an object is shot against a bright background. BLC (Back Light Compensation) will counter strong light sources retaining picture quality.


Concentrated light sources directed towards the camera (e.g. car head lamps) can be inverted by an optional peak white inverter or an eclipser function. This has the effect of bringing detail to areas and making an object clear, that would otherwise be shadowed.

professional security services
Security BLOG
February 12 2020 | intercom systems

Multi-tenant Apartment Intercom Systems

You can rest easy knowing your property is secured when choosing to install an apartment building entry system by ABC Security Solutions. We adapt and accommodate nearly every need that may arise through our entry systems. At ABC Security Solutions, we provide several varieties of apartment building entry systems to fit nearly any facility you can imagine. We offer traditional Telephone Entry Systems, Telephone Entry Systems that use "Cellular" service, Entry Systems using "WiFi", Video Entry, Mobile Phone Calling, "Wireless Multi-Tenant Intercom Entry, Wireless Single Resident Intercom Entry, Multiple options for Gate Entry and more For multi-tenant apartment intercom systems, call (917) 858-7117.

February 12 2020 | Access Control Locksmith

Electromagnetic Lock Systems

An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. There are two main types of electric locking devices. Locking devices can be either "fail-safe" or "fail secure". A fail-secure locking device remains locked when power is lost. For electromagnetic lock systems, call (917) 858-7117

February 12 2020 | Access Control

Access Control Systems

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there. The deadbolt lock, along with its matching brass key, was the gold standard of access control for many years; however, modern businesses want more. Yes, they want to control who passes through their doors, but they also want a way to monitor and manage access. Keys have now passed the baton to computer-based electronic access control systems that provide quick, convenient access to authorized persons while denying access to unauthorized ones. For access control systems call (917) 858-7117.

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